Introduction: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Jessa Brestin

There’s a certain excitement that comes with building a new website. You’ve spent hours imagining how it will look, with its dazzling layout, beautiful images, and words that will move the hearts of the millions of visitors it will have. (Though, let’s be reasonable. It will probably be closer to billions.) By now, you’ve got your layout. The top of your page is practically glowing with the glory of your gorgeous logo. All that’s left now is the crafting of those soul-stirring words your visitors will soon be reading.

Only one problem: You have no idea where to start.

Suddenly, the blank homepage stretched out before you looks totally intimidating. You realize that the little links on the menu bar labeled “Services” and “About Us” don’t lead anywhere. What exactly are you supposed to put there? How will you know the right words to use?

Starting up a new website—or even just redesigning or touching up an old one—can be a daunting task. While most people know, generally, what is supposed to go on their “About Us” page, when it comes to actually writing it they often find themselves at a loss for words. It seems like it should be simple, but the pressure to be original, exciting, and applicable can be a bit overwhelming. Sometimes you’ll find yourself sitting before your computer, scavenging your mind for what to include, only to ultimately draw… a total blank.

It can be frustrating, but not to worry—this is where we come in. Step by step, the team here at Control Yours will use a series of articles to prepare you to write the text for the common pages found on most websites. We’ll offer advice and tips on how to make the most of these pages; how to keep them relevant, informative, and refreshing. We’ll help you think through what to include, and how to make the process a little less tedious and a little more interesting. After all, if you’re enjoying writing it, those billions of visitors are a lot more likely to enjoy reading it.

Whether you’re completely stuck about what to write, or you’re just feeling like you could improve upon what you already have, these articles are designed to help you craft the best website possible.

Welcome to class!

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