Docs Who Care

Docs Who Care is a unique organization with an important mission: To match compassionate, quality medical professionals to rural hospitals in need of medical staff.

Our team really enjoyed helping Christy and Graham with Docs Who Care craft a website that represents them and their organization well! The website needed to be geared both toward Providers (the medical personnel Docs Who Care are trying to attract to staff the rural hospitals) and the Hospitals themselves (those in rural areas who are short-staffed). We added lots of images of real people and testimonials from their staff and providers to give the site a personal feel. We were also able to make it easy for people to apply online and find helpful resources and links. Their new logo design adds to the overall effect.

We are incredibly happy to be partnering with Docs Who Care as they seek to serve those in their sphere of influence! It’s a joy and honor to be walking alongside them in an ongoing way, and we look forward to assisting them with all their website needs for many years to come!