Turkey Creek Seed Solutions

Turkey Creek Seed Solutions believes in the power of precision. Located in Elwood Nebraska, they help growers all throughout South Central Nebraska optimize their profitability. As a Precision Planting Premier Dealer, Turkey Creek carries both Pioneer and Great Harvest Organics seeds and treatments. Their team of experienced growers works hard to find solutions and address individual needs on a case by case basis for farming operations of all sizes. They take their customer care policy very seriously, and they are dedicated to helping their customers meet or exceed their yield goals every year.

Control Yours worked with Turkey Creek to create a website that was both charming and simple. Turkey Creek prides themselves on their experience in the field of precision agriculture, and we wanted to ensure their website adequately reflected the elegance of their craft. We employed a smooth, simple design to guide visitors toward relevant information, and we used pictures of their work and products to provide a sense of who they are and what their operations look like. We had a great time working with Turkey Creek Seed Solutions, and we wish them the best success going forward!