Celebrating Ten Years of Business

David Lano

Our ten year anniversary recently rolled by, and suffice to say, it was equal parts hectic and awesome. We gave away a website, came up with some cool offers for our clients, and just generally celebrated our success as a company — as well as all the amazing clients we’ve worked with us over the years. It’s incredible to look back on how much Control Yours has grown, and to imagine what we might be like as a business in twenty, fifty, a hundred years… you know, when we’ll be designing holographic websites or using whatever fancy shenanigan technology exists by then.

In case you missed out on the festivities while they were going on, here’s a recap of some of the things we did to celebrate our ten year anniversary:

Website Giveaway. Several months ago we all sat down as a team to talk about what we should do for our anniversary (considering it was a pretty significant one). It didn’t take long for someone to suggest the obvious: we should give away a website! When most people think “Control Yours” they think web design, and while it’s not the only thing we offer, it is a pretty big part of what we do.

So that was that. We decided to give away a full website redesign for an existing client or someone completely new. We also added in a free year of our membership subscription — since we know we’re at our best when we can provide consistent support. And the winner was (drum roll please): AGROdeviate, a local farming equipment manufacturer! We were incredibly excited to meet them, and we can’t wait to get to work with them! (We’ll add a link to their newly redesigned website here once it’s finished!)

Free Stuff For Clients (and Their Friends). We gave away free creative recommendations to anyone who was sent our way by a client, and we also discounted our support hours, offering our current clients the opportunity to save by stocking up. (We had never run a universal discount on our support hours before, so it was fun to put it together and see how people liked it.)

CY Stats. We also did some digging into our own performance as a company while we were putting things together for our anniversary, and we found some pretty cool stuff. In case you’re curious, here are ten stats about Control Yours from the past ten years:

  • Emails Sent: 32,688
  • Project Tasks Completed: 5,656
  • Employees Hired: 16
  • Average Website Uptime: 99.934%
  • eCommerce Site Earnings: $363,923
  • Clients Served: 237 (193 local, 44 national)
  • Projects Launched: 349
  • Hours Worked: 31,640.2
  • Total Website Views: 24,230,917
  • Creative Recommendations Proposed: 805

(That’s a lot of time spent sending emails… and probably why we sometimes call David the Email Magician.)

Thanks so much to all our clients, friends, and everyone else who’s supported Control Yours over the years. And thanks, as well, to everyone we didn’t know before our recent anniversary who checked out our company and entered our giveaway. We hope you’ll stick around!