Here’s an ode to 2022!

Julie LeFeber

‘Wood’ you like to hear about our year? 🪓🔥

(This is the time when we give you the low-down on all the happenings here at Control Yours!)

By far, our biggest news from 2022 was…We got a wood-burning stove 🔥—and she’s a beaut! 😍 Black, metal, elegant, shapely, and perfect for warming your cold fingers or toes on a blustery winter’s day! ❄️ Stop by our office and check ‘er out! (For real, we’d love to have you! ❤️) So yes—if you’ve seen the giant piles of wood outside our office, now you know why! 😉

Our Highlights from 2022

(in graphic form—to cut down on the time it takes to read and because we wanted our designer, Matt, to be able to show off his mad skilzzz!)

We are incredibly grateful you’ve chosen us to be your website and digital advertising partner. Our dream is to make your dreams come true, and to see you succeed ignites us! Thank you for trusting us with your digital presence in 2022. We’re thrilled to attempt to give you even more ‘bang for your buck’ in 2023!

Please keep us updated on any website-related needs you have–or heck, even if you ‘just’ want to ‘shoot the breeze’ or run an idea past us, we’re always here to listen. We exist to make your life easier! We wish you few frustrations and much joy as we wrap up the old year and move into the new.

Happy New Year!

– The Control Yours Team