Coldwell Banker is a successful, respectable brand within the real estate industry. They have agents all over the country and offer property listings for all income ranges. Whether the people they serve are buying or selling, they take great care, as a company, to provide the best service they possibly can. They are also always looking for new agents and brokers, and they pride themselves on the support, tools and resources they have to offer those who operate beneath their wing.

Control Yours worked with Coldwell Banker to design a website that balanced aesthetics with accessibility. We used a slider on the home page to display some of the stunning properties they currently have listed, and we included with it a search bar to encourage visitors to type in a location and view listings in their area. We also laid out sections on the home page to direct visitors toward opening an account to view MLS listings and toward finding a local Coldwell Banker agent in their area for their real estate needs. We had a wonderful time working with Coldwell Banker, and we wish them (and all of their agents) continued success!

Coldwell Banker already liked the look of the website they had when they came to us, but they were concerned about how similar it was to other real estate sites in their area. They wanted to stand out online as much as in person, so they came to us for help redesigning their site in a way that marked them as unique and ahead of the competition. They also wanted their new site to tie directly into the MLS system and to make it easy and convenient for people to navigate residential and commercial property listings. We couldn’t have been happier to help.

The Coldwell Banker team wanted to be certain that their new website was an accurate and compelling representation of their business, so we worked with them to revise and refine the design until they felt it was just right. The creative stage for this project took us a little longer than usual, as there were quite a few people involved. Of course, this only made coming to an eventual consensus on the design all the more rewarding in the end. Throughout the creative phase, the Coldwell Banker team remained very involved, offering ideas and suggestions along the way (something we always very much appreciate).

Coldwell Banker didn’t like the idea that their “Agent” pages should predominantly display agents' properties rather than information about the agents themselves. Thus, when we put together pages for individual agents, we made sure that each agent's photo and information was front and center, while his or her listings were also easy to access and browse. Overall the development phase was fairly straightforward, and the Coldwell Banker team was as helpful as ever in providing feedback along the way.

The team at Coldwell Banker was already fairly web-savvy when they started working with us. Apart from a few phone calls back and forth to help them understand where everything is and how to update it, they’ve done a great job keeping everything fresh and current. (We’ve been quite impressed.)

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • A unique and user-friendly website.

  • Features to make searching through properties easy and intuitive for visitors.

  • A direct tie-in to the MLS system to display all properties for sale.

  • Custom agent pages with personal information and property listings.

  • A featured display for properties with Open Houses.

  • A map search that automatically updates properties as it zooms and marks listings managed by Coldwell Banker agents.

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Adjusted search options on the mobile version of the site.
  • Assisted in tweaking Google Business listing to display their correct information.
  • Improved dropdown menu for land listings.
  • Updated search notification name.
  • Set up email notifications for Google Analytics statistics.
  • Ongoing bug fixes and adjustments.