Compass is a Kearney-based, non-profit organization providing foster care, family services and therapeutic care to children and families across Nebraska. They work closely with Nebraska DHHS and other agencies to ensure that children and families in crisis situations are equipped with the support, resources and skills they need to thrive and grow together.

Since their launch in 2007, Compass has grown to include 35+ team members and greatly expanded their range of services. After 15 years of serving Nebraska families, they realized that it was time to realign their branding and public messaging to reflect their current direction and mission as an organization.

Compass was already a long-time client of Control Yours when they approached us about a new project. They had outgrown their current website design and were looking for a fresh start. During our conversations, we all saw the opportunity for a full rebrand - logo, marketing materials, website redesign - the works! With the launch of Compass’s BEYOND initiative already in progress, it was the perfect time to start this collaboration.


Our creative team worked closely with Compass to update their existing brand and align it more closely with their BEYOND initiative. We loved Compass’s vision for an outer space theme to capture the child-like wonder and imagination they wanted to present. We used visual and graphic elements to harness those ideas and represent the BEYOND initiative across their website and their new marketing collateral.

We needed to investigate what Compass’s current brand perception was, both from an internal and external perspective. So we scheduled interviews with Compass team members and current clients and listened to their perspectives and experiences with the organization. For the external perspective, we conducted a community survey using Typeform and a targeted Facebook ad campaign to find out how the Compass brand and their services were perceived by the community. Once we had completed the interviews and analyzed the survey data, we designed a new logo for the brand that incorporated the BEYOND initiative and represented the current and future direction of the organization.

Our next step was to create a brand messaging document and a brand guide to serve as a North Star for the Compass team’s marketing and outreach efforts. Once we had full approval for these foundational guides, we designed a variety of templates for letterhead, PowerPoint, business cards, sponsor packets and other marketing collateral along with a trade show banner.

Digital Ad Setup

In addition to the rebrand and website redesign, we were also thrilled to lend a hand with Compass’s new digital ad campaign. Through our conversations with Compass, we determined that Facebook’s ad platform would be best suited to their goals.

We worked closely with Compass to define their objectives for the campaign and select target audiences for the ads on Facebook. From there, we created ad copy, images and a landing page to appeal directly to their intended market.

As part of Compass’s digital advertising strategy, we also installed a Facebook pixel on their redesigned website and made sure they had full visibility to track the campaign’s performance.

As part of the rebrand, we delivered a full website redesign, including a mockup, site map, copyediting, creative recommendations and graphic design work, all centered around the fresh perspective we’d gained from our research and branding documents. With website mockup approved and the branding guidelines established, the project focus moved to website development. Not only did we need to bring Compass’s design to life, we wanted to add some key features to increase functionality and user engagement on the redesigned website. We included a new Call Us button for one-click connections and also built a new Contact Us form to capture important details and information from visitors. In addition, our developers optimized the site for mobile devices, configured web statistics using Google Analytics and populated all the new pages with the freshened up copy and images.

Since Compass was relatively web savvy, we didn’t have to do a lot of training. However, we did create a custom video tutorial for them to ensure that they were familiar with the backend of the website and could find their way around.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • Internal assessments

  • Current client assessments

  • Community brand awareness survey

  • Logo development

  • Brand identity development (messaging document, brand guide)

  • Branding tools & templates (letterhead, PowerPoint, sponsor packet, etc)

  • Trade show banner design

  • Website redesign - including creative, copyediting & development

  • Facebook digital marketing campaign

  • Training & support

Ongoing Support

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