GIX Logistics pride themselves on their accountability, reliability and willingness to take on any challenge. They provide shipping solutions to manufacturers and producers of all kinds, and they are committed to covering every load they commit to—regardless of any complications they may face. Whether you’re shipping ice cream, 286-foot concrete I-beams or anything in-between, GIX Logistics has you covered.

Control Yours worked with GIX Logistics to design a website that reflects their company’s exceptional balance of personalism and professionalism. We used pictures and videos from their workplace and muted blues and grays to guide visitors to the most important parts of their site. Their scroll-through home page introduces who they are as a company, what services they provide, and what sets them apart as freight brokers. We think GIX’s enthusiasm and passion in all that they do is simply incredible, and we had an awesome time working with them!

We met Jeffrey Olson, one of the sales representatives for GIX, at the UNK Career Fair in the Spring of 2016. We discovered that our companies had a lot in common in terms of style and personality, so when he later reached out to us about the possibility of designing a new website for GIX, we were eager to meet their team and talk about what we could do for them. Not surprisingly, we had an an absolutely awesome time working them. They are a team of creative, innovative individuals, and we’ve been both impressed and inspired with the way they do business.

GIX provided us with thorough and organized instructions regarding the design they wanted for their website, which included visual references, layout ideas, preferred styles and content, and other elements. That said, they also gave us complete creative freedom to make any tweaks or changes we deemed necessary. In addition to the usual mockups, we created a collection of charts and icons to unify the overall aesthetic of the site. We also designed and implemented hover GIF animations on their team page—a feature they specifically requested.

We could tell from the moment we accepted this project that it would be an arduous path. (We know a company that won’t settle for less when we meet one.) Fortunately, there’s nothing we love more than a good challenge. We were given the opportunity to work on a number of things we’d never done before, and there was a fair amount of trial and error for both our design and development team. Once all was said and done, though, we were thrilled with the way the website turned out. We think it does a great job showcasing what GIX Logistics is all about as a company.

During the development stage, we were careful to keep the GIX team in mind when we put everything together. We knew they would be handling a lot of their own updates and changes, so we wanted to be sure the process was as easy as possible for them. We asked Jeffrey if there was anything in particular he wanted us to explain about the website besides the basics, and then we recorded a series of custom tutorials to guide the GIX team through their site.

Initial Scope & Deliverables

  • Creation of unique website design based on provided content and suggestions.

  • Design and inclusion of animated hover GIF images for each team member on their staff page.

  • Implementation of custom charts, icons, and video headers throughout the site.

  • Development of load board to pull and display data from their system.

  • Design and implementation of custom “process of the middleman” section on their home page.

  • Inclusion of real-time Instagram feed at the bottom of their home page.

  • Training in regard to adding new content, editing, and updating pages and elements.

Ongoing Support

Through Our

Membership Program!

  • Assisted in adding new staff members to team page (occasional).
  • Changed hover color for page links.
  • Added drop shadow effect for navigation bar items.
  • Adjusted home page video for improved quality.