Midlands Contracting

Midlands Contracting has been the premier underground utility contractor in the Midwest for over 40 years. Having been around for a while, the company had an existing website, but knew it was time for a refresh.

Midlands approached Control Yours to create a website redesign that more accurately reflected its modernism and professionalism while still maintaining its classic, blue-collar, grit roots. The redesign also needed to keep a big emphasis on careers and recruiting by being mobile-optimized and by showcasing the company’s new employee testimonial videos and photography.

The Control Yours team worked with Midlands Contracting to copyedit the old website’s content and then select a template that best reflected the company’s goals – one that keeps careers at the forefront and visually portrays a modern feel with the use of white space and clean lines. The new design looks great and we hope it serves Midlands Contracting well!