Project Story: Compass

Rebekah Pike

Long-time client Compass goes all-in with a complete rebrand

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An updated look for a family services organization

Compass is a non-profit group dedicated to providing foster care, mental healthcare, educational resources and other services for children and families in crisis. Our partnership with Compass started way back in 2016 when they became Control Yours members and asked us to help them build a new website. Last year, they approached us about the possibility of launching a new project: a full website redesign, aimed at presenting an updated vision and a fresh look for the organization.

As we sat down with Compass to brainstorm the project, we realized that there was an opportunity for something bigger. Compass’s range of services and capabilities had evolved significantly since their launch in 2007. How could they accurately communicate their expanded role in the community and generate engagement with their BEYOND initiative as well?

The solution? A completely reimagined brand for Compass

Over the course of our conversations, Compass decided to go all-in with a full rebrand of their organization. Rebrands are exactly the kind of project our team loves – the fresh perspective, the clean slate, the endless creative possibilities … we couldn’t wait to get started!

The game plan

  • Internal assessments
  • Current client assessments
  • Community brand awareness survey
  • Logo development
  • Brand identity development (messaging document, brand guide)
  • Branding tools & templates (letterhead, PowerPoint, sponsor packet, etc)
  • Trade show banner design
  • Website redesign – including creative, copyediting & development
  • Training & support

Checking in with clients, employees & the community

We didn’t want to launch a project this significant without doing our homework. We interviewed current employees and clients to discover how they perceived the Compass brand and their services. We also developed and distributed a brand awareness survey to the local community via Facebook. Once we had all the data we needed, we created a brand guide and a brand messaging document to guide the remainder of the process.

Bringing Compass’s mission to life

We loved Compass’s vision for an outer space theme that would incorporate a hint of whimsy and child-like wonder, while also inspiring visitors to join their mission to ensure safe and supportive home environments for children.

A primary goal for the rebrand was to place Compass’s BEYOND initiative front and center. Our creative department worked closely with Compass to update their existing design and develop a cohesive look that would translate well across all digital platforms and extend to print items such as letterhead and a tradeshow banner.

A refreshed website with expanded capabilities

With the design and branding work well underway, it was time to turn our attention to the technical details. Compass’s website underwent a full redesign which included updated copy and images. We wanted to make connecting with Compass as simple as possible, so we built in one-click call buttons and a new contact form.

Printed materials for seamless branding

Yep, we can help clients with a lot more than just web stuff! For Compass, we delivered a complete print branding package that included templates for letterhead, business cards, sponsor packets, donation cards and other hard copy pieces. For the finishing touch, we designed a custom banner that Compass can utilize at tradeshows and public events.

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