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Welcome to Class!

We really enjoy learning, and thought you might too. So why not make our learning public and let you participate? Yeah, we couldn't think of a reason not to, either. We mostly cover web, tech, and business-related topics, but every now and then we might throw in a curve ball and share our thoughts on philosophy or something.

3 Easy Ways to Stay On Top of Your Reviews

Not so long ago, in a land not so far away, there was no such thing as an “online review.” Remember? Please tell me you remember, or else I’ll just feel really old. Life was a bit less predictable back then. If you needed an honest mechanic... [Read More]

3 Types of Web Traffic and Why They Matter

Let’s talk traffic.🚦 One of the most challenging things that business owners face with their online presence is getting new customers to their website. Before you go and hire a magic genie 🧞‍♂️ to make this happen, let me give you some of the behind the scenes on... [Read More]

4 Reasons to Go Custom with Your Website

For Christmas I decided to save a few dollars and bought my kids the knock-off version of crayons for their stocking stuffers. You know the ones I’m talking about. They promise all the excitement of a Crayola® box of crayons - endless coloring satisfaction -... [Read More]

Celebrating Ten Years of Business

Our ten year anniversary recently rolled by, and suffice to say, it was equal parts hectic and awesome. We gave away a website, came up with some cool offers for our clients, and just generally celebrated our success as a company — as well as... [Read More]

Let’s Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates

SSL certificates have commonly been used for websites collecting payment details or for websites housing account information for users. However, like so many other things on the web, times have changed. It's become more and more important to configure an SSL for every website. If you see... [Read More]

Our Creative Process

I get asked a lot what our creative process is at Control Yours. It appears to be simple, but under the surface, it's actually quite complicated. Let me explain. Typically when I meet with a client over coffee they have something specific they're wanting. Usually, it's... [Read More]

On Building A Great Team: Defining Brilliance

Control Yours has been turning a lot of new leaves lately. We recently rearranged our office and brought three extremely talented people onto our team. And, if you haven’t already heard, we’re starting this new thing that will involve syncing up our newsletter, Facebook posts,... [Read More]

What is SEO and Why Do I Need It?

Getting traffic for your website used to be easy. There were two methods that worked: You could pay for advertisements that brought people directly to your site (for as long as you kept shelling out cash), or you could use an approach called Search Engine... [Read More]

The Contact Page

There are two types of contact pages: one that implies you want to be contacted, and one that suggests the opposite. The key to crafting a successful contact page is deciding which type you're going for and learning how to write it well. For the purposes... [Read More]

The Blog Page

Before we go into what makes a good blog, let us first take a step back and examine what exactly a blog is and how it can be useful to small businesses in the first place. A blog is simply a collection of articles that appear... [Read More]

The Staff Page

While "Staff" or "Meet the Team" pages aren't a necessity for an online business, there are many good reasons to include one. Nowadays there is a growing concern over the credibility of online companies—especially ones that visitors have never heard of before. People are wary... [Read More]

The Portfolio Page

One of the most common mistakes people make when putting together their portfolio is incorporating as much as they possibly can in an attempt to impress prospective clients. All too often this ends up generating the opposite effect, since the collection instead appears cluttered and... [Read More]

The Services Page

When it comes to developing a services page, there seems to be a temptation among many companies to either create a simple list that doesn't say much at all about what they offer, or else delve too deeply into the details of their process. Both... [Read More]

The About Page

Here at Control Yours we’ve noticed a common question from clients: “What should we include on our “About Us” page?” In this lesson we’re going to cover the basics of writing content based on what people need and want to see when they click on... [Read More]

The Home Page

There are two components of a successful home page: Design and Content. Design includes the layout (how things are arranged on the page), colors, graphics, elements, typefaces, and navigation. Design often determines whether or not a visitor deems your website to be professional enough to... [Read More]

Introduction: Overcoming Writer’s Block

There's a certain excitement that comes with building a new website. You've spent hours imagining how it will look, with its dazzling layout, beautiful images, and words that will move the hearts of the millions of visitors it will have. (Though, let's be reasonable. It... [Read More]

A Few Thoughts on Design

What does "design" mean to you?  Is it more of an afterthought — a "let's put some pizazz on that..."?  Or rather is "design" more of a structural composition, an order or a process for doing something?  We recently re-built our website from scratch, so we've... [Read More]

A Little Taste of Our Own Medicine

If you're one of our clients, you've probably heard us say something like, "You really need to keep your website updated and relevant!"  Well, we just realized we had several pages that were out dated and desperately needed a refresh. So, we decided to take... [Read More]